Activities at relais la Cerreta 

At relais la Cerreta there are numerous activities that can be done. From new oil tasting, to cooking classes, vespa, bije tours, yoga classes, psychosynthesis etc



Clear, organic extra virgin olive oil with a green-yellow color and fruity aroma has a round, sweet flavor with pleasant bitter and spicy sensations. Best paired, even raw, with vegetables, legumes and grilled fish. The taster pours a little oil into a glass, preferably dark-colored, covers it with one hand and swirls it gently with the other hand: in this way, the oil will heat up and can release all its aromas.

Cooking class


Do you want to have a unique culinary experience? At Relais La Cerreta a chef will guide you in the preparation of dishes based on typical Umbrian and Tuscan products at km O, what better way to taste and learn a cuisine deeply rooted in history and tradition based on grains and legumes, game, homemade pastas and meats from farm animals having as common denominator enveloping and delicious flavors.


It is possible to book lessons by sending an email to



In the green heart of Italy you can discover enchanted places among picturesque landscapes and quality wines. In this region, the wine itineraries are a perfect combination of rural landscapes and centuries-old vineyards, guests are offered a sensory immersion among the scents that emerge from the vats in centuries-old cellars dug into the tuff passed down from father to son. The tour aims to be able to understand the work and passion that goes into the vineyard first and then into the winery; at the end of the visit, Umbrian and Tuscan wines such as Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot and Grechetto will be tasted.

Vespa Bike Tour


Those who choose Umbria choose unique landscapes, typical products and unique culinary traditions, all in the name of flavors, colors, roads and views that are unparalleled. To explore this territory, the best means of transport in total relaxation, safety and freedom is the Vespa or Bike: skirting postcard landscapes, with immense expanses of vineyards as far as the eye can see, visiting some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, each with its own castle or fortress and belvedere, the panoramic viewpoint par excellence. A simple day will turn into a short but intense memory.



Yoga is a tool capable of improving ourselves and achieving what we want, a lifestyle oriented to the well-being of body and mind. Taking a yoga class on the farm will be something even more special. Relais La Cerreta organizes wellness weekends: you will find yourself surrounded by silence and nature and you will be able to really relax, finally abandon the small daily problems by listening only to your body!!!



Psychosynthesis is a method of self-training and psycho-spiritual realization for all those who want to become masters of their inner world. Relais la Cerreta promotes, through courses, a concrete working method for personal knowledge, growth and transformation in which each person, starting from what he or she is, has the power to activate his or her own potential aimed at the harmonious development of the personality in its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.