arte cerreta

Outdoor sculpture trail


La Cerreta is an ancient farm located in a wonderful hilly area near Lake Trasimeno. The environmental characteristics of the place allow to obtain
excellent productions, both for olive trees and vineyards, without forgetting
the flagship of the activity, which is the breeding of dairy cattle. Since 2009,
within the company, at the behest of Paola Butali, the ArteCerreta Project was
born, aimed at enhancing in a contemporary key the ancient, as well as ancestral, combination of Art and Nature.


Although constantly evolving, the sculpture itinerary has been designed to be
perfectly amalgamated with the countryside and its more specific agricultural
activities, creating a continuous dialogue with unspoiled nature, with the everchanging views and allowing the visitor to experience Art as a sublimation not only of human creativity, but also as an assumption of absolute values and symbols, including in this aspect also the rhythm of daily work in the fields and the world of animals. In this sense, the artistic itinerary within the estate, moving from the forest to the olive grove, to the gardens of the two villas
included in it, to the fields and lakes, constitutes an almost absolute originality.
The “entrance ticket” to the route are the murals created by Bue 25/30 in the
exterior walls of the bio -gas plant and on those of the barn, including the
entrance gate.


It was a very forward-thinking idea of Paola Butali to “learn art and put it on the wall,” anticipating a current fashion and enhancing a type of art judged until recently to be only the work of wall defilers. Each of the artworks, including sculptures and installations, focuses on a theme related to agriculture or an element of nature, from water to land and noise.