Cuore & pippi, struzzato

Bue 2530, 2012



One of three spray-paint murals on wall to decorate three decidedly rustic
“buildings” such as the barn or the bio mass plant or the barn gate, all three designed to symbolically animate and enrich “walls” , concrete or metal, that never in the past would have thought they could become the setting for conceptual expressions, from the long neck of the ostrich, symbol of the individual composed of many existential “pieces,” to the heart rendered in the guise of a bleeding cow, thinking of the fate that is sealed for many animals.


In the Heart of the La Cerreta Farm where the Art Park is immersed, a work by BUE 2530, dated 2013. A HEART precisely pulsating and squeezing all of itself.


The work is located at the entrance to the Farm’s new Stables designed with the most modern criteria of animal husbandry and respect for the animals.

Similarly, Bue 2530 with PIPPI aesthetically appropriates the cylindrical structure of the biomass plant, making the animal a symbol of pulsating energy: the cow takes on unprecedented forms, a simulacrum of vitality and unprecedented concepts. An STRUCE with a long neck symbolizes the individual composed of multiple existential “pieces.”


Ox 2530


“There are writers who write letters and there are writers who draw. I started
after smelling a smell I did not know. When I discovered it was that of oil paints
… the rest came by itself.”


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