Outdoor sculpture trail

Artecerreta also gives the opportunity to make themed routes, or in any case guided by an art historian, using a vehicle of the company, as well as on foot. In the latter case the walk is particularly suggestive because it really allows you to combine each work of art with a cross-section of landscape and nature passing from the cultivation of the fields, to the forest, to the pine forest and to the meadows according to a program connected to the contents of the works of art. The works created by the artists fit perfectly into both the atmosphere of agricultural work and the landscape and nature. Each artist has chosen the place where to place his work, and all the surrounding space, the trees, the fields, become part of the work, and this seems to sum up in itself the sense of that place. This is a way to have an original and unique approach with contemporary art in respect of an ancient combination of art and nature. The cost of the ticket is 10 euros per person including the guided tour. By reservation only.

For those interested in special insights, it is also possible to have lessons on site with guided tours at the Palazzo della Corgna.

For more information and reservations: / +39 075 951464 / +39 334 6864765.