“I listen and do not forget. I see and remember… I do and understand.”

In order to educate the new generations to the contact with nature and
animals, precious collaborators for human nourishment, the “Fattoria Didattica La Cerreta” offers the possibility of guided tours to learn how the milk cycle and ostrich breeding work, It, offers pupils, especially from urban centers, the opportunity to learn more about a reality often unknown to them up close and personal.

Children and young people are actively involved in order to increase their knowledge regarding the products of the earth. They are educated to respect nature and the environment through the illustration of natural phenomena and biological cycles.

Three focal points of the visit:

1) Let’s touch the animals: allows them to see and touch the farm animals,
understand how life in the barn unfolds, what they eat and the relationship that is established with the farm staff.

2) Farm snack and free play in the farmyard

3) I see and I remember, I do and I understand: educational workshop, through projections on the route taken and recreational activities to rework with drawings cards and games the children’s impressions and everything they learned during the visit.

Visits, can be made by prior contact (by phone or e mail), all proposals will be presented, indicating for each one: times, costs and difficulties, so as to give teachers the opportunity to customize the visits according to the annual and multi-year planning.



For information and reservations: +39 334 6864765