Federica Marangoni, 2011


Staircase with corten steel structure, six meters high and with twenty-four
steps of red Led light that, wanting to repropose a tool widely used for the work of the fields, elaborating it conceptually, symbolizes the spiritual ascent towards the infinite in sharp contrast with the earthly dimension. Scenographically leaning against a historic olive tree, intertwining with it, as if to concretize the osmosis with nature, and deliberately rusted, indicating in this aspect the daily work and the sense of time, the ladder becomes a metaphor of very ancient symbols, even sacred ones, joining the earth, from which it rises, and the sky toward which it is directed emanating with the color red, an emblem of energy and strength traceable in nature itself and in the human spirit.


Federica Marangoni


Federica Marangoni, Venetian, internationally active, pioneer in the 1960s1970s of research in the so-called new materials, plastics, neon and video that marked the artistic expression of the generations after Duchamp, expresses through her primary symbologies, a profound analysis of life and death with which man must always confront.