Andrea Casciu, 2011



Opera site-specific. Un wall-painting di taglio introspettivo realizzato all’interno dell’iniziativa “Premio ArteCerreta 2016”.



Andrea Casciu



Born in August 1983, he studied at the State Institute of Art in Oristano, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari, where he deepened his artistic path initially oriented on the study of painting, then expanded to sculpture, engraving and relational art. From an early age he understands that art is not just a pastime, but a language with which he can express himself and communicate. His artistic research is directed more on self-analysis, he studies the relationship of man with his own image, deepens the observation on himself and his surroundings, what attracts him are those small mutations that inexorably take place in our body, through the slow passage of time. Figurative research is accompanied by the study of the geometric sign, a devotion to matter and the textures that compose it, which has always accompanied his artistic production.



Painting is his main weapon of communication, he expresses himself through various media some proper to street art, such as mural painting, stikers and the use of salvaged materials. Without neglecting drawing, illustration and photography.


In October 2008, with some university classmates he created the art collective  aliment(e)action. The group develops its projects in the field of public and relational contemporary art in order to promote and disseminate it in all its forms. In particular, aliment(e)azione analyzes places and situations in a state of discomfort eo abandonment, proposing their recovery in an ethical and aesthetic sense before physical, intervening through an artistic activity.
He lives and works in Sassari.