Vita di Campagna

Lilli Shultz, 2012


Using carved iron modeled as a kind of horizontal frieze in motion, in which carved human silhouettes move, Schultz, a German artist, in her sculpture creates a sequence of scenes and activities related to life in the fields and in particular to those carried out daily within the Cerreta Estate.



Lilli Schultz


In 1950 she was born in Dortmund, Germany. From 1976-82 she studied Art and Textile Art at the Universities of Düsseldorf and Neuss with Professors Walter Cüppers and R. Kesselheim. As soon as she graduated, from 1983 to 1991, she worked in an experimental art studio Regenbogen in Moers in Niederrhein. In 1991 that she began working as a professional sculptor, and she will not stop since then. She uses the human silhouette and cubistic form, light and shadow to create small and large works in rusted iron.