Ali di Carta

Alessandro Marrone, 2011


The work is part of a journey that now defines a personal vision of the artist who has created a series of both public and private works in stainless steel and other metals with the theme Wings of Paper freedom. The meaning of such a work is to express the total freedom to let positive dreams and desires fly upward to one’s general expectations, a message launched into the air that flies by will power, inviting everyone to positivity and freedom.


Alessandro Marrone


Born in Switzerland in 1966. Graduated from the Art Institute of Arezzo in 1983, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in the sculpture section. From 1981 to 2010 he made numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions, receiving numerous awards and recognitions; he also made numerous public works. From 1986 to 2000 he practiced as a professional designer and maker in the goldsmithing sector, creating collections for top national and foreign names; he wrote in magazines in the sector such as ” IL MONDO GIOIELLI” in Milan. Since 2002, he has devoted himself exclusively to his artistic career and opened a painting school in Arezzo where he teaches his students painting techniques and the art of ceramics.