Fabrizio Plessi, 2015


Of extraordinary effect, dealing with the theme of water, always dear to the
author, is the virtual waterfall contained in a symbolic and strictly geometric
Corten steel box with an LED display. As Plessi, one of the greatest video –
artists, is wont to do, using contemporary materials, absolutely capable,
however, of visually blending with the environment, even Waterfall, an
extremely sophisticated work, combines technology with nature with an
effective play between appearance and reality, emphasized in this case by the
noise or sounds of a real waterfall audible as a background.


Fabrizio Plessi


Fabrizio Plessi (Reggio nell’Emilia, 1940) is an Italian artist, working in Italy and Germany, active mainly in the field of video installations. After graduating from the Art School in Reggio nell’Emilia, he continued his training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he graduated in 1962. Plessi’s work focuses mainly on the theme of water and fire, represented on large screens. In 2000 he created the Italian pavilion for the Hanover Expo, with a monumental
installation 44 meters high. Called Mare verticale, it represented a continuous
flowing stream of blue water. In 2011 he curated the Venice Pavilion for the
54th Biennale, with the same theme, on a smaller scale; screens projecting
streams of water were installed on boats, displayed in a vertical position.


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